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The poly dacron rope by Manho is the rope that has demonstrated the advantage of
    polyester to the maximum made by combining polyester multifilament of high intensity
    and himan ST of high intensity.
There are many types of poly Dacron depending on the method of combining two types
    of single strands or the rope structure. There are mainly PD wall type and PD jacket
Because the polypropylene ropes have weaknesses of being vulnerable to heat and
    ultraviolet rays, there are many cases of using poly Dacron rope for substitution of
    polypropylene rope.
The poly dacron rope is easy to handle because it is flexible, the fracture resistance
    doesn't get lowered or doesn't become ripened even when it is wet.
It is lighter than 100% polyester rope, has high fracture resistance and of same level
    as 100% polyester rope in heat resistance, abrasion resistance and ultraviolet rays.
Mooring, Haswer
Various Fishing Industries
Special fish traps
Safety rope
Used for many other purposes
Specific Gravity: 1.01~1.12 (varies according to standards)
Temperature Used: Used up to -30 ℃ . Melts at 260℃
Ultraviolet Ray: Very Excellent
Internal Chemical Properties: Resistant acid and oil, etc but weak to alkaline
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