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The hard drawn steel wires manufactured by Manho using high grade hard drawn steel wire materials that went through a strict acceptance inspection has outstanding straightness. Additionally, the linear characteristics are very excellent because there are no bending or WAVE of line. Especially, the drawing machines and heat treatment equipment which influence the quality of products have been replaced by the latest ones to meet the requirements of customers which are getting harder to please each day. By combining the existing prominent production technology and excellent technical experts as wire drawing operation at automatic coiling machine is accomplished, various hard steel products with excellent line characteristics and uniform surface lubrication pool as well as the high intensity hard drawn steel wire products have been manufactured. The hard drawn steel products of Manho guarantees regular processing effectiveness while processing various processing equipment.
Acquired Quality Management System Renewal ISO 9001:2000 (International Organization for Standardization)   
KS D 3510 (Hard Drawn Steel Wire Product Certification)
JIS G 3521 (Hard Drawn Steel Wire Product Certification)
KS D 3510 Hard Drawn Steel Wires
JIS G 3521 Hard Drawn Steel Wires
ASTM A 227 Steel Wire Cold Drawn for Mechanical Springs
ASTM A 407 Steel Wire Cold Drawn for Coiled Type Springs
ASTM A 417 Steel wire, cold-drawn, for Zig-Zag, square-formed, and sinuous-type upholstery spring units
ASTM A 679 Steel Wire, High Tensile Strength, Hard Drawn, for Mechanical Springs
BS 1408 Patented Cold Drawn Steel Spring Wire
BS 4637 Carbon Steel Wire for Coiled Springs
BS 4638 Carbon steel wire for ZigZag and squred-form springs
BS 5216 Patented Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Wire for Mechanical Springs
DIN 17223 Round Springs Steel Wire Quality Specification Patented Drawn Spring Wire Made of Unalloyed Steel
AS 1472 Carbon Steel Spring Wire for Mechanical Springs
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